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The Money Hackers: How a group of misfits took on Wall Street & changed finance forever

“The Money Hackers provides the context that’s been missing in much of the discussion
around today’s financial landscape. Simon delivers a bird’s-eye perspective of the industry
through the captivating stories of individuals who have brought this revolution
to life.”


“At its heart, The Money Hackers is a classic story about entrepreneurship—the pursuit
of disruption and its associated challenges. This book is a perfect read for anyone who
is motivated by pushing boundaries and dreams of one day disrupting an industry.”

David Siegel

CEO of Meetup and Professor of Management at Columbia University

“Dan is a gifted chronicler of financial innovation.”

Adam Dell

CEO and Founder of Clarity Money

“For such a rapidly changing industry, Simon seamlessly weaves fintech’s biggest steps
and players into a cohesive and striking narrative. The Money Hackers is a must-read in
2020 and beyond.”

Caleb Silver

Editor in Chief at Investopedia

“Tech has been major for my business—I mean I basically built my brand off of an iPhone.
That’s why I loved The Money Hackers. It tells the stories of others who have fused
tech and finance to push the industry forward. I loved the book and it inspired me to
name my next dog Bitcoin. Definitely read it!” —Haley Sacks, Mrs. Dow Jones
“You don’t need to be a Wall Street vet or an MBA grad to appreciate The Money Hackers.
This unexpectedly human story chronicles the recent history of money with eloquence,
simplicity, and soul.”

Chris Roush

Dean, School of Communications at Quinnipiac University

“The current buzz is all about fintech and how mobile has taken over our lives. In a
fast-paced and easy-to-read style, Dan Simon traces this seed change from its origins to
the present. They are all here: the early adapters, the winners, the losers, the survivors,
the techs, and the banks. Simon engagingly describes the tension between the “move
fast and break things” mentality of the entrepreneurs vs. the “walk slow and play safe”
of the banks. Pick this book up and disrupt your day. You won’t put it down.”

David J. Cowen, Ph.D.

President and CEO of the Museum of American Finance

“A smart, funny, and useful book, The Money Hackers documents with humor and clarity
how the rise of mobile, social, and the network economy has reshaped so much of our
financial lives.”

Mark Wetjen

Former Commissioner of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

“Through a series of entertaining vignettes, Simon skillfully explains how technology
has reshaped our money since the financial crisis and spotlights the fascinating individuals
who have brought this innovation to life. Anyone who enjoys reading about disruptors,
or dreams of being a disrupter themselves one day, would do well to read this

Kara Goldin

Founder and CEO of Hint

“The Money Hackers is a powerful reminder that money touches everyone’s lives differently.
This book offers an approachable, inclusive, and entertaining take on how we
interact with money and what it means for the future.”

Farnoosh Torabi

Host of the podcast So Money and Author of the bestseller When She Makes More

“The Money Hackers is more than a book about finance or technology, it’s a book about
people. Through these unique perspectives—some funny, some heart-wrenching, all
equally fascinating—Simon tells the story of how Fintech came to be and why you
should care.”

Maria Deam

Head of Open Innovation at Citi FinTech and Former Vice Consul of Fintech and Banking Innovation at the British Consulate
Author The Money Hackers Daniel Simon

A Financial Revolution Led by Technologists, Not Bankers

Author, Daniel P. Simon has watched the fintech revolution as it developed, helping some of its biggest players along the way. In The Money Hackers, Daniel shares the untold stories of the leaders of the fintech revolution.

The Money Hackers

You probably don’t think twice about paying for Starbucks with ApplePay or depositing a check on your bank’s mobile app. But let us not forget the days, ten or 15 years ago, when cash was king and trips to the ATM were as frequent as ones to the grocery store. The rapid evolution of digital transactions over the last decade has been so transformative, it’s almost impossible to remember life without it. Fintech has forever changed our relationship with money and will continue to shape the world’s economy and culture in years to come.

The Money Hackers will help financial insiders as well as curious observers understand fintech—what it is, why it emerged when it did, who some of its players are, and how it will affect our lives in the years to come.

This book will introduce readers to some of fintech’s misfits, their remarkable stories, and their innovations, including:

– Adam Dell, the millionaire playboy whose numerous fintech successes still haven’t gotten him out of the shadow of his brother, Michael Dell.

– Ismail Ahmed, who barely escaped his village in war-torn Somaliland but went on to become the United Nations’ head of remittances, and then created a platform called WorldRemit to improve the lives of immigrants and their families worldwide.

– Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the “Winklevii” twins made famous for their involvement in the creation of Facebook, who are now deeply involved and invested in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.